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The Counselling Forum in Aberdeen

Aberdeen Association for Counselling came into being in 1981 and became the Counselling Forum in 2001.

We aim to provide a forum for anybody interested in counselling and the counselling approach, where personal and professional development can be nurtured, diversity respected and commonality embraced.

Evening, Saturday and weekend workshops are held. Events are open to non-members (for a small increased fee) unless otherwise stated. Membership is not restricted to those with qualifications, but is open to anyone involved or interested in counselling or the counselling approach.

Membership offers:
• Free attendance on Wednesday evenings (up to 3 people from organisations).
• Discounts on Saturday and weekend workshops (up to 3 people from organisations).
• Regular mailings and newsletters regarding future workshops and events.

Your subscription covers the year from September to August and goes towards the fees for Wednesday evening speakers and venue costs.
N. B. If you join after February, i.e. now, the membership fee will be half-price. See the How to Join Us page for details.

Charges made for weekend events are to cover the presenters’ fees and expenses as well as the costs of the venue.

N.B. The fliers & booking forms for Kay Kennedy's all day workshop on "Ethics in Everyday Practice?" on Sat 26 April and Charlie O'Leary's all day workshop on “Meeting Carl Rogers Again for the First Time: Reflections and Dialogue on the Art of Counselling” on Sat 17 May are now upon the Events page.

email: 01569 764989